Список коллекций: Bychkov
Bychkov Stanislav


Date of birth: 1928
Untitled. 1965. Tempera, board. 106,5х69,5
Double Portrait. 1960. Tempera, paper. 83,5х59,5
What is the truth? 1961. Oil, canvas. 140х110

Stanislav Bychkov was born in Moscow. Before the World War II he studied in the railway school for 7 years. After that he entered metallurgical college in Klimentovskyi alley. The Temple of the Holy Martyr Clement was the view from the windows of the college and the artist always draw its domes and crosses.

In 1948 Bychkov entered the Moscow University of Printing Arts. He was studied by Zakharov, Goncharov, Goroshchenko, Fyodorov. After his graduation in 1953 he worked in “Iskusstvo” publishing house as an artist-editor. From 1954 to 1962 Bychkov was studied on the faculty training of printing workers by Ely Belyutin.

The artist never loved the exhibition process and took part only in several exhibitions during his whole life. He mainly worked for himself: made paintings and put them on shelves. He sometimes showed his works to his colleagues from the publishing house.

After “Iskusstvo” Bychkov worked in “Mir” publishing house. Once an artist from “Mir” invited Bychkov to paint the Sergei Radonezhsky church in Ivanteevka. That church was founded in 1688 and by that time there was no wall-paintings at all. During 10 years Bychkov had been painting that church on his own.

In 2003 his personal exhibition on the occasion of his 75 anniversary happened.


Solo exhibitions

1966   Exhibition in a basement of a house in Yantarnyi alley, Moscow

2003   On the occasion of the 75 anniversary of the artist. Central library № 110, Moscow

Group exhibitions

1953   Moscow united committee of Grafic Artists (28, Malaya Gruzinskaya Street)

1960   Central House of Art-workers, Moscow

1982   From Manege to Manege. Central exhibition hall Manege, Moscow

2015   Museum with predictions. Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Public collections

Contemporary Art Gallery ARTSTORY, Moscow

Moscow Museum of Modern Art