Список коллекций: Grositsky
Grositsky Andrey


Date of birth: 1934
A pillow and a piece of iron. 2000. Oil, canvas. 60×80
A pile of laundry. 2010. Oil, board. 67х66
Green lock. 2009. Mixed technique, board, wood. 58х46
Oblivion. 1988. Oil, orgalite. 120×140

Andrey Grositskiy was born in Moscow. In 1953 he finished Moscow Art School at the Academy of Arts of the USSR and was taught be Nikolay Andriyaki and Nikolay Solomin. In 1959 he graduated from Moscow Art Institute named after Surikov (D. Mochal’sky’s workroom). From 1968 Grositskyi is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. From 1962 to 1994 he taught in Correspondence Public University of Art.

The creation work of Grositskyi is connected with Russian nonconformism. His style was formed in 1960s in «another art» circle, among such artista as Iliya Kabakov, Eric Bulatov, Ivan Chuikov, Boris Turetskiy, Yuri Zlotnikov.

In 1975 a very important exhibition in The House of culture on VDNKh happened. Before it there was a famous bulldozer exhibition and many apartment exhibitions.

Then there was an exhibition in Moscow Union of Artists on Begovaya street, that was called «experimental». Apart from Andrey Grositskyi, Oleg Tselkov, Natta Konisheva, Anatolyi Slepishev, Mikhail Nikonov took part in it.

Then during 11 years before the perestroika his works weren’t accepted to exhibitions and only in 1987 he took part in the exhibition called «Artists and the contemporary» in gallery «On Kashirka».

In the middle of the 80s a big interest to depict simple things from metal appeared.

In 2000 the works of Grositskyi were included to the permanent exposition of The State Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val. Today he is thought to be one of the leading artists working in the field of conceptualization of art plastics. Grositskyi is usually called one of the founders of Russian pop-art.


Solo exhibitions

1991   Andrey Grositskyi. Central House of Artists, Moscow

1993   Andrey Grositskyi. New Jerusalem Museum, Istra

1994   Andrey Grositskyi. Gregory gallery, Washington, USA

1995   Andrey Grositskyi. 7 Nails Gallery, Moscow

1997   Things’ life. А3, Gallery Moscow

1998   Portraits. Russian Culture Foundation, Moscow

2002   Andrey Grositskyi. RusArt Gallery, Moscow

2006   Stuck. Fine Art Gallery, Moscow

2007   Andrey Grositskyi. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2012   Matter and Materials. POP/OFF/ART Gallery, Moscow

2013   Matter and Materials. POP/OFF/ART Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2014   Paleologos of aggregates. А3 Gallery, Moscow

2015   Eighty. Archeology of vision. Museum of Moscow

Public collections

Contemporary Art Gallery ARTSTORY, Moscow

Historical-Architectural and Art Museum of the New Jerusalem, Istra

Museum of actual art ART4.RU, Moscow

National center for contemporary arts, Moscow

New Museum, St. Petersburg

Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after Mikhail Vrubel

Penza Regional Art Gallery named after Savitsky

Primorye Regional Art Gallery, Vladivostok

Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Serpukhov History and Art Museum

The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Zimmerli Art Museum, New-Jersey, USA

Private collections

Andrey Eryomin collection, Moscow

Bar-Gera collection, Cologne, Germany

Evgenyi Nutovich collection, Moscow

Milosh Forman collection, New York, USA