Список коллекций: Povzner Purygin
Povzner Lev


Date of birth: 1939
Night in a madhouse or two degenerates brothers. 2000. Acrylic, paper. 66х60
From “Hidden faces” series. 2001. Gouache, pen, paper. 50х75

Lev Povzner was born in Moscow by the Red Gates. He began painting from his childhood. He studied in the art studio of Moscow City House of Pioneers and then in the art school. After his military service he entered the Moscow University of Printing Arts, but soon he began to work himself and became a part of Moscow underground.

He has been so called underground artist during 25 years. He kept a company with Vladimir Yakovlev, Mikhail Roginskyi and Evgenyi Izmailov. They exhibited together in 1975 on VDNKh. It was the first exhibition of artist. When in 1988 first galleries appeared in Moscow his life became better.

Lev Povzner is a series artist. His series happens and continues during years and they are often parallel. Before 1970 he was practicing symbolic surrealism. Influenced by the love to old masters he created “Retro” series in 1973. In 1975 “Circus” series appeared, then there were “Lines” series that is being continued nowadays. In 1977 “Hidden faces” series began. They are polymorphic images but they are pop art in fact. In 2000 “Grass”, “Birth of the coat of arms”, “Spiegel”, “Whims” series were made.


Solo exhibitions

1997  Velta Gallery, Moscow

1998  Hidden faces. Sam Brooke Gallery, Moscow

Public collections

Contemporary Art Gallery ARTSTORY, Moscow

Duke University Museum, USA

Kolodzei Art Foundation, USA

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Private collections

Evgenyi Nutovich Collection, Moscow